Life is made of wonderful experiences.

But life is also made of challenges and tragic events. Sometimes the challenges catch us unaware and sometimes nothing can prepare us for the tragedy. The death of a loved one, the collapse of a marriage or the loss of a job can be overwhelming. Sometimes we just need help.

It's not hard to dial 911 for the police, the fire, an ambulance, but for those in conflict, it is hard to ask for help, hard to find help and sometimes it is hard to pay for that help.

Welcome to the Center for Care and Counseling.

We are a faith-sensitive counseling service that helps individuals and families draw on their own strengths and values to begin their healing process. We offer a wide range of counseling services to families, couples, individuals, adolescents and children. See Our Services page for a complete listing of the types of counseling we offer.

All of our counselors are certified by the SC & GA Board of Examiners as Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and Licensed Social Workers. See our Counselors page for information on each counselor.

Serving the entire CSRA, we are located at 4434 Columbia Rd., Suite 203, Martinez, GA  30907 and several other satellite centers in GA and SC. Our telephone number is (706)305-3137

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